Qingdao Xingyue Iron Tower Co., Ltd. is located in Jiulong Industrial Park, Jiaozhou City, close to Jiaozhou Bay, across the sea from Qingdao in the east, Qingdao Economic Development Zone in the south, and Jiaozhou New Town in the north, 2km away from the Tongsan Expressway Kowloon Exit and 2km away from Qinglai High-speed 10km, Huangdao Port 20km, Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport 40km, superior location, unique.

Qingdao Xingyue Tower Co., Ltd. was established in Qingdao, China in 2010. It is a modern enterprise dedicated to transmission towers and communication towers. It provides R & D, production and sales services for tower products for the global market. It designs more than 20 towers annually. Ten thousand tons is one of the largest single-factory enterprises in the global tower industry.

Xingyue Tower has strong R & D and production strength. The company has built a leading modern factory in the industry, and the main production equipment is all imported from Italy. The CNC production line is used to process and produce one-click operation, which truly achieves high-precision and automated production. At the same time, Xingyue Tower introduced the world's most advanced environmental protection galvanizing process equipment-Italy's environmentally friendly end automatic galvanizing line, and made full use of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies such as photovoltaic power generation and solar lighting to build a more environmentally friendly and energy-saving global Tower "green factory".

In recent years, the company has taken the opportunity of brand development and internationalization strategy, relying on its strong strength and perfect global customer network, to stabilize the Chinese market, actively explore the international market, and obtain international certifications such as Australian standards, Russian standards, and EN European standards. At present, the sales footprint of Xingyue Tower has spread to dozens of countries and regions in Asia, Africa, America, and Oceania, and has completed more than 100 outstanding projects, which are well-known.