Looking at the global tower industry, Xingyue Tower has established a model of a modern enterprise in the world's tower industry with extraordinary strength from the construction of the plant to the introduction of equipment.

Italy's environmentally friendly high-end automated galvanizing line-the world's first

Xingyue Tower introduced the world's most advanced environmentally friendly high-end automatic galvanizing line from GIMECO in Italy. It is the first fully enclosed, automatic logistics European standard galvanizing line in China. Advanced environmental protection and galvanizing process.

  • Domestic part

    1. Changji-Jiquan ± 1100kV UHV DC transmission project (Henan section)

    2. In 2015, State Grid Mengxi-Tianjin South 1000kV UHV AC Project Jinbei-Beijing West 1000kV Line Project Angle Steel Tower (Shanxi Section)

    3. Yuheng-Weifang V UHV AC transmission and transformation project Jinan-Weifang

    4. Luoxidu-West Zhejiang ± 800kV UHV DC transmission line project (Xizhe Line 800kV)

  • International section

    1. Pakistan 500kV line project

    2. Pakistan 220kV line project

    3. 230kV Line Project of Northern International Laos Project

    4. Tower and ancillary equipment engineering of Kariba North Shore-Keffu Essie 330kV transmission project in Zambia