Welcome To Qingdao XingYue Iron
Tower Co.,Ltd.

Qingdao Xingyue Iron Tower Co., Ltd was estab
lished in Qingdao of China in 2010. It is a modern
enterprise mainly engaged in transmission line tower
and telecom tower. The Company can provide R &
D, production and sales services of steel towers for
the global market...

Xingyue Iron Tower,The world Model

Among the global tower industry
From the plant construction and equipments introduction
Xingyue Iron Tower takes the leading postion in the world
With extraordinary strength
To establish the enterprise model for tower
industry in the world.

Lofty Tower With Quality Oriented

Quality oriented, Xingyue Iron Tower constantly
improve the quality control system. The production
workshop adopts 6S management standards system,
and every step of processing and production are in
strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality
management system...

Exchange produces wisdom and promotes development

Xingyue Iron Tower is facing the world with more
open attitude and tolerance from the domestic
platform to the world stage.Through the excellent
communication mechanism and broad channels,
it constantly deepens the internal...

Italy environment-friendly high-end automatic
galvanized line

Xingyue Iron Tower has introduced the world's most advanced
environment-friendly high-end automatic galvanized line from
Italian GIMECO company,which is the first European standard
galvanized line with full enclose and automatic ...

1.Pakistan 550 kV Transmission Line Project
2.Pakistan 220 kV Transmission Line Project
3.Northern International Laos Project 230 kV Transmission Line Project
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