Xingyue Tower has "Shandong Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center" and "Shandong Electric Power and Communication Tower Engineering Technology Research Center". This research center is a provincial enterprise technology center, bringing together a group of senior talents such as doctors and masters. R & D and design of transmission line towers, communication towers, substation frames, wind power towers, electrified railway contact network pillars, light steel structures, etc.

Xingyue Tower Technology Center is based on mutual benefit and a win-win theme. It is willing to conduct exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions, share advantageous resources, and carry out innovative product development for the Chinese and international markets.

3D solid lofting software TwSolid

Our company adopts "TwSolid Tower Steel Structure 3D Solid Lofting Software", fully parametric design, three-dimensional interactive modification, arbitrary modification of parameters such as control dimensions, tower material specifications and dependencies, and the whole tower automatically follows and adjusts in real time. The lofting data is accurate (what you see is what you get), it simulates the installation of the iron tower, accurately reflects the space collision of the iron tower, and makes the correct angle cutting plan.