good news! The 100MW CSP project in Inner Mongolia passed the audit by the owner!

Views:1067 Date:2018-10-09

On October 1, 2018, Wu Duzhongqi's 100mw trough CSP project owner, Director of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Du, and EPC contractor Long Tengguangre Yu Yu and his party came to our company for on-site audit.

This audit is a comprehensive review and acceptance of the production organization system and quality management system of the Inner Mongolia project before mass production. After arriving at the company, the expert team first conducted in-depth exchanges with the company's executives and the project team on the preparation progress. Afterwards, the equipment and production site were inspected on site and passed smoothly.

With the strong support of the company's leaders, the new energy workshop and the departments of technology, quality, procurement, enterprise management and other departments have worked together to meet all challenges and dare to fight and dare to fight. After three months of hard work, the project has already met the conditions for mass production. Mass production has laid a solid foundation. The successful passing of the audit marks that the Inner Mongolia project has achieved important stage results, marking the company has taken an important step in product structure adjustment and upgrade.